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    Undiscovered Sri Lanka

    Avukana Buddha Statue The Avukana Buddha Statue is a trademark of the technology ancient Sri Lanka had and one of the most popular artifacts in the country. The Avukana Statue is a masterpiece built only by hand without using any machinery whatsoever, the temple which the Avukana statue is situated in is built on one […]

    Terrorist Attack on Sri Lanka

    On the 21st of April 2019 The Pearl of the Indian Ocean was the unfortunate target of the terrorist group known as ISIS but we at Go Ceylon already think you know that, around 300 lives were lost including foreigners who came to visit our beautiful island and over 500 were severely injured. We would […]

    Angampora (Traditional Sri Lankan Martial Arts)

    Sri Lanka, a country with a rich history that dates back over 5000 years tells us a great story about the sport known as Angampora, The origins of Angampora are scattered throughout history. It’s believed to be older than 33,000 years; it was the pinnacle of all events. Angamopora was highly respected by all including […]

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