Angampora (Traditional Sri Lankan Martial Arts)

Sri Lanka, a country with a rich history that dates back over 5000 years tells us a great story about the sport known as Angampora, The origins of Angampora are scattered throughout history. It’s believed to be older than 33,000 years; it was the pinnacle of all events. Angamopora was highly respected by all including kings who ruled this beautiful island. In the past ages, where the law of survival was thin, this tiny island nation had to hold its own. Many kings tried to invade the island. But invariably, each time, they were driven back. Such was the invincible might of the fighting techniques practiced by the people of Sri Lanka and they called it the ANGAM SATAN KALAWA (fighting art named ANGAM).

History reveals that under the directive of the kings in ancient Sri Lanka there were many Angampora clans. Out of which “Sudaliya and “Maruwalliya” clans were the most famous. There was a fight between “Ritigala Jayasena” and “Gotaimbara” the originators of Sudaliya and Maruwalliya clans, in which Ritigala Jayasena was defeated by Gotaimbara, after the very defeat a rivalry started to begin among the clans. Gotaimbara was one of the leaders of King Dutugamunu’s army. In ancient times Angampora had helped a lot of kingdoms protect themselves from invaders and enemies who tried to destroy iconic places like “Jaya Sri Maha bodiya”

Angampora is still being practiced in Sri Lanka all across the island and has a huge following mainly in Ritigala.

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