Our Pilgrimage Tour Coordinator

Buddhism is the main religion in Sri Lanka hence it has a large number of followers island wide, no other country follows Buddhism like Sri Lanka does; it has been like this from ancient times. On behalf of the Sri Lankan Buddhist community Venerable “Deena Pamunuwe Wajiragnana” Thero has performed a noble mission for the welfare of the Sri Lankan Buddhist community. Venerable “Deena Pamunuwe Wajiragnana” has joined with Go Ceylon Holidays to provide an incredible service to our clients.

Aththanagalla Rajamaha Vehara High Priest Wajiragnana Thero currently studies in the Nanjin University in China who has an excellent knowledge in Mandarin (Chinese) because of his ability and skill to speak the native language he’s dearly loved all over china.

Venerable “Deena Pamunuwe Wajiragnana” Thero is devoted to spreading Buddhism and meditation among Chinese citizens all over China, ancient traditional Buddhism meditation techniques are also being taught among these Chinese followers by Venerable “Deena Pamunuwe Wajiragnana” Thero.

Ever since Venerable “Deena Pamunuwe Wajiragnana” Thero started spreading the word about Buddhism and meditation the number of pilgrimage tours have been very popular and had drastically increased over the past few years in Sri Lanka.

While Go Ceylon Holidays were planning these pilgrimage tours luckily we found Venerable “Deena Pamunuwe Wajiragnana” Thero and we decided to discuss about our tours with him so that you as our client will get the best out of our pilgrimage tours.

With great pleasure and honor, we would like to announce that Venerable “Deena Pamunuwe Wajiragnana” Thero has joined hands with Go Ceylon Holidays as our domestic and International Religious adviser.

Go Ceylon Holidays along with Venerable “Deena Pamunuwe Wajiragnana” Thero would dearly like our clients to know that we will give you a pilgrimage tour like no other tourism company in Sri Lanka would with a combination of Traditional Buddhist meditation methods and locations which is sure to make your tour a memorable one.

Go Ceylon Racing Experience

Incredible Racing

For the first time in Sri Lanka Go Ceylon Holidays are willing to make your wildest dreams come true, Go Ceylon guarantees you a mind blowing experience that is the glory of Sri Lanka filled with fun and adventure like never before.

Go Ceylon Holidays is a subsidiary company managed and maintained by Heiwa International (Pvt) Ltd

In a short period of time Heiwa International has become one of the most popular and successful foreign language institutes in the island making a pathway and guiding students into their future and making it a bright one.

Heiwa Racing another subsidiary under Heiwa International has helped young Motor Bike Racers across the country come to an lnternational standard level which has made their motherland proud. Go Ceylon Holidays and Heiwa Racing have joined hands together to build something unique and unforgettable along with the mother company Heiwa International PVT LTD.

Go Ceylon Holidays along with Heiwa Racers are ready to give you a once in a life time opportunity to witness one of the world’s best motocross events which will leave you speechless.

Go Ceylon Holidays – Tourism like you’ve never experienced before. Our tours are designed to give you a thrilling joyful ride filled with the most attractive destinations in the island. Come witness the natural culture and the ancient magical magnificence of Sri Lanka with Go Ceylon Holidays. As our customer we aim to provide and serve you with the best service possible.

Go Ceylon Gems

In the Sri Lankan tourism industry one of the most popular tours are about the Gems in Sri Lanka.

Tourists tend to tour Sri Lanka just for the gems tour hence it is a very popular tour among tourists.

There’s a huge value and a profit for Sri Lankan gems in the international market. Queen Elizabeth the queen of the United Kingdom has a very valuable antique Sri Lankan gem embedded into her crown.


A brother company to Go Ceylon Holidays which is Innovation Factory Ceylon Holdings has built a great name in the international market for gems; Innovation Factory is renowned for its name in the gem trade business worldwide. Matale, Raththota one of the most popular areas for gems in Sri Lanka, Innovation Factory has its own mine in Raththota which will be used as a location for our gem tours where Innovation Factory Ceylon Holdings will give the tourists a full program about gems and everything they need to know about.


If our customers are willing to buy gems from Innovation Factory they get a special discount and the privilege of customizing their stones as they wish. Go Ceylon Holidays are pleased to announce that we have a unique gem tour package designed for all the gem lovers out there.